The law firm Arruda Alvim, Aragão, Lins & Sato offers legal services, both in the litigation and advisory spheres,

to individuals and both national and international corporations.

In the sphere of litigation, the firm distinguishes itself before the Superior Courts, whether in appeals, case law standardisation measure and original actions, including the concentrated control of constitutionality.


With head office in Curitiba (PR) and registered with OAB/PR under no. 345, the firm has a partnership with Torreão & Roller Advogados in Brasília, Bellocchi & Lavieri in São Paulo, Lamy e Faraco Lamy in Florianópolis, and Teixeira Freire Advogados, in Porto Alegre. We also maintain professional cooperation with other law firms in every region

of the country, which enables us to extend the personal service offered at the head office throughout Brazil.

Management Practices

The results achieved by the law firm Arruda Alvim, Aragão, Lins & Sato are the result of management practices that aim to maintain a level of technical and legal excellence. In order to attain these objectives, the following practices are noted:

  • Personal involvement of the partners in strategy development;

  • Constant technical development of the legal staff;

  • Periodic oversight of all cases by means of a case management system;

  • Having a team exclusively team dedicated to the analytical interpretation of information;

  • Having a team exclusively dedicated to the maintenance of our clients’ case management systems.

Head Office

At its head office, inaugurated in 2011 in the city of Curitiba (PR), the firm has the necessary staff and structure to provide services to its customers, as well as to provide their lawyers with training and refresher courses.

Associated Offices

Although these offices are independent, they are strategically aligned making it possible to extend

the personalized service of our main headquarters.