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On-site meeting of the Civil Enforcement Work Group

Last Tuesday, February 15th, partner Teresa Arruda Alvim attended the solemnity to hand in the results of the activities performed by the Civil Enforcement Work Group, coordinated by Justice Marco Aurélio Belizze (of the Brazilian Superior Court of Justice), at the Brazilian National Justice Council (CNJ). The purpose of the Group was to bring suggestions on how to improve the efficiency of enforcement and judgment compliance procedures, in addition to institute enforcement procedures with a judicial involvement partially reduced. The document was personally delivered to Justice Luiz Fux (President of the – CNJ).

Federal Justice Aluisio Mendes (TRF-2), well-known proceduralist Marcelo Abelha Rodrigues, author of texts about enforcement procedures, among other topics, Valter Shuenquener, CNJ’S secretary general, and Judge Trícia Navarro, advisor to the presidency of the CNJ, who elegantly, skillfully, and efficiently aided Justice Belizze in the coordination of the work of the commission, also attended the ceremony.

The initiative of the CNJ is commendable, while forming work groups (the GTs) to study and solve the most varied issues, based on reliable statistics and field studies. The groups are under the vigorous leadership of Justice Fux, a person of great intellectual value, as well as an implementer.


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