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Commitment with ethics and improvement of management

After years of legal ethical activities based on non-negotiable principles Arruda Alvim,
Aragão, Lins & Sato comprehends the importance of its contribution for the consolidation

of a compliant environment.

The firm, thus, included in its strategic planning of 2019/2020 the development

of a Compliance program, to adjust to international integrity patterns.

The results of these efforts may be verified in this shared space, where you can access

our Compliance Manual and the monthly Compliance Bulletins.

The tab Compliance is also a link for our collaborators to access the firm’s Confidence Channel,

which acts both preventively and repressively, with purposes of fostering the voluntary compliance

of the external and internal rules and our ethical and moral values.
Using these tools, we will pursue an ethical posture, daily perfecting the management

of the firm, guaranteeing the best result delivery to our clients and business partners.

Access our Manual below, to know about the

pillars of the Compliance program, which
sets forth the internal rules that must be observed

in the business relations kept with
Arruda Alvim, Aragão, Lins & Sato.


Compliance Committee

The Compliance Committee, as set forth in the Manual, is in charge of: (1) serving

as a communication channel to receive suggestions; (2) answering inquiries, even those

of a non-legal nature;

(3) setting forth internal rules and policies; (4) processing reports done by means of the
Confidence Channel; (5) acting as a data Committee, to perform safety management

of the organization’s data, and set forth routines to achieve conformity with

the Data Protection General Statute.

The Committee has full autonomy and is not subordinated to any organ, not even

to the Board of Directors. It is composed by members of the Board, of the collaborators

and associated attorneys of the Compliance team, guaranteeing diversity

and exemption in its decisions.

Standing Members


Alternate Members


Access our Confidence Channel


By clicking on the link below, you can access

Arruda Alvim, Aragão, Lins & Sato’s Confidence Channel.


The Confidence Channel is a tool restricted to the firm’s collaborators, partners and associated attorneys.

If you do not fit into any of the described categories,

please contact us by means of the e-mail below

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