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AAALS received visit of the client Hexion, from Ohio - USA.

On March 2nd, 2023, we received the visit of our client Hexion. Senior vice president Peter Rosato, from Ohio – USA, Legal director Leonardo Donoso, and attorney Fernanda Franco were present.

Partners Priscila Kei Sato, Caroline Rupel Scarano, and Smith Barreni joined the meeting, as well as attorneys Fabrício Kava, Vanessa Nogueira, Guilherme Lamy, and Thiago Dalsenter.

In the picture: Fabrício Kava, Priscila Kei Sato, Fernanda Franco, Peter Rosato, Leonardo Donoso, Vanessa Nogueira, Caroline Rupel Scarano, and Guilherme Lamy.


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