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Course "Judicial Relief and dispute resolution in a comparative perspective: Europe-Brazil"

This Monday, November 14th, partner Teresa Arruda Alvim was part of the course “Judicial Relief and dispute resolution in a comparative perspective: Europe-Brazil”. The event is to take place from November 14th through 18th, in Italy, and is organized by Academia Juris Roma, center for Latin American legal studies at the University of Roma Tor Vergata and University Nove de Julho. The Brazilian Institute of Procedural Law (IBDP) and the Brazilian Magistrate’s Association (AMB) endorsed the event.

Teresa, along with Roberto Conti (counselor of the Court of Cassation in Italy), and Carlos Eduardo Frazão (legal consultant of the Brazilian House of Representatives) were part of the panel that dealt with “Decision-making models of the Superior Courts in a comparative perspective: cassation and retrial judgments, decision-making methodology and the confrontation of facts in the superior courts”.

In the photo: Renata Maciel (STJ judge), Paulo Lucon (USP professor), Bruno Sassani (Universidade de Roma Tor Vergata professor), Cassio Scarpinella Bueno (PUC-SP professor), Luciana Penna (translator), Teresa Arruda Alvim (attorney and PUC-SP professor) and Justice André Mendonça (STF justice).


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